Joel and Ben redefine “good” hosting

Today is the first day I came across

In all honesty, I wish I had stumbled across their web site in the past before I whipped out the credit card. Currently I am hosted with and I am very pleased with the performance and services. I wrote a nice positive review for WireNine and not two hours later, received a thank you e-mail from Joel and Ben.

HostingReviewsbyUsers has a network of domain names based on the name of the hosting company being reviewed, and a central domain which collects all the data.
For example: –> –>

One thing that struck me as relevant was the amount of negative reviews left for iPowerWeb. iPowerWeb was my first host and I was very pleased with their services (don’t laugh yet, continue reading). Yet let the reviews speak for themselves…A couple of years back, they were getting an enormous amount of increased clients and sales.. The problem with this was a large reduction in server performance (overloading) and a very long wait time for tech-support (sometimes 1-2 days) due to all of the downtime I was experiencing. So, I spent about a good month searching for a very reliable host instead of jumping too quickly into another “poor” host. I thankfully found and I will never turn back. Since day 1, I have been 100% pleased with their services. Now if you visit, you will notice that they only have positive reviews..go figure. 🙂

Back to my point…I would like to thank Joel and Bill for their innovative idea in setting up a review system based on the most common hosts found on the Internet. If you visit any any the web site of any hosting company, you will only find “positive” reviews. Thanks to, you will find only true positive or negative reviews given about a specific hosting company. This is a great way for people to easily and quickly find a reliable host.

Thank you Joel and Ben!

DtT Interviews

DtT, which is the acronym for Defending The Truth, has engaged in some new ideas of which you may have noticed in my last blog posting. In this posting, I would like to focus on the new “Interviews” idea for the political web site.

This new feature will bring to the members and visitors of DtT different aspects of the web site which are not primarily forum based. The idea behind this new feature concludes interviewing the members of DtT along with displaying the interviews on a static page. This will be a great way of getting to know the members politically and socially.

Tadpole256, a moderator at DtT, thankfully volunteered for the position to conduct the interviews. He has chosen myself to be the first interviewed, which can be seen here:
Interviews – Jonathan Kingsbury

Tadpole256’s next interview will be onthefence, another moderator at DtT. I think his attitude of interviewing the staff members first is a smart move as it will allow the members to get a better understanding of the staff at DtT. He will then most likely focus his interviews towards the active members of the web site who have been with DtT for the longest time, most postings, and so on.

Tadpole256 is also greatly interested in voiced interviews. Although I do not really enjoy hearing myself on any type of recordings, I think this is a great way to build a closer connection with the members. Even though I only know a couple of members personally, I feel that the new interviews and voiced interviews will help all of us to get to know eachother much if we have met in person.

The All New Defending the Truth!

Under 2 weeks ago, I made some rigorous changes to my political debate community,

Some of the new additions made to the web site include:
-Articles revisions
-Member Interviews
-Politician Reviews
-DtTunes (mp3 jukebox)
-Complete re-design

I think it was definitely time for a complete overhaul as the 2008 elections are approaching. Before the updates were made, the atmosphere of the web site was mostly focused on a political forum. I wanted to give the members more features to play with, along with a cleaner, more user-friendly look. The old design was much too plain and it was in need of a desperate change.I threw in around 40 hours of work into the new site. I am proud of the results and I hope that the members are enjoying the new features. Free speech will now be expanded to not only in a debate fashion on the political forums, but now in a way where members can submit Political Articles and Politician Reviews. Submitting Articles and Reviews will be a great way to reach out to a larger audience.

Please visit to check out the new look and features.