A Case Where Your Computer is Smarter Than You!

Just the other day my cousin Mike called and told me to install the new iTunes 8.0. After installing the new iTunes, I played around with a new function called Genius, which is indeed genius!
iTunes GeniusHere are a few observations as to why iTunes genius is smarter than you when it comes to picking songs and arranging them so that they play in a perfectly smooth sequence. I chose a song by David Gilmour, selected Genius, and the application picked the best songs to be played with “Out of the Blue”. From the list, it chose songs from Pink Floyd, Eagles, Jeff Beck, Steely Dan, and many other classics that flow as if it was all songs by the same artist.
iTunes GeniusI then chose some hard metal music “Dimmu Borgir”, and it properly chose Rammstein, Slipknot, Rob Zombie, CKY, and many others that I would have not think to add in a playlist together. The entire playlist ran and every song appeared to be in perfect order, not jumping from track to track that seem so different from one-another..as you may typically notice in self-made playlists..
iTunes GeniusI finally tested some hip hop by choosing “Check Yo Self by Ice Cube”. I’m telling ya, this mix was absolutely perfect as it added some Dr. Dre, Jay-Z, The Game, Rick Ross, and many others which all had similar beats and a smooth transition between each track.
iTunes GeniusI wish I had this for the house-warming party! I could of had some good mixes going, but instead we were stuck in having to hear Mike’s playlist which featured tracks that seemed to be in the wrong order or playlist. 😉

This application is simply genius!

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