F.B.I. Terminal for Windows 7

F.B.I. Terminal

Here are the instructions to setup an F.B.I. background on your terminal logon for Windows 7.

1) Download Logon Studio (freeware) via http://www.stardock.com/products/logonstudio/
2) Select “Download File” (on the right) via http://kyon.deviantart.com/art/Fbi-Terminal-Login-779656 to download “FBI_Terminal.logonxp”
3) Open Logon Studio and select “Load” from the menu
4) Find the “FBI_Terminal.logonxp” file and then select “Apply”.


Home Insulation..Is it worth the cost?

A friend of mine had his house fully insulated last year for cheap money (after rebates and tax credits) and saved quite a bit on his heating bills. At this time the state is willing to pay 75% (up to $2,500) of the costs. So today I had an energy home assessment and I must say, this was well worth it.

At first I was a little worried about having to come up with a lot of money up front, however that was not the case. Mildred was very helpful and she even replaced all of my old bulbs with high-efficiency bulbs at no cost to me. She installed new installation on all of my exterior doors at no cost. So far, she has saved me quite a lot of money on hardware and future utility bills.

After she measured and evaluated my current energy plan, she estimated that it would cost $2281.60 to insulate my entire house. Since “Mass Save” will pay 75% of the costs up to $2,500, that leaves me with a bill of 25% or $570.40.. not too bad. Not only that, when it comes time to do your taxes, you can write off your cost (after rebates) on your taxes and the Government will refund you 30%. So 30% of $570.40 is $171.12. All-in-all, this will only cost me $399.28 to insulate my entire house!

After her energy assessment, the estimated annual savings on heating/cooling bills are $451.84/year. Literally, it will take less than 1 year to make up the difference, which is well worth it.

So if you live in Massachusetts, I would highly recommend that you take advantage of the current energy tax credits and rebates. You will save yourself a lot of money in the long run!

Conversion failed when converting the nvarchar value ‘X,X’ to data type int.

I decided to share this information on the web as I’ve visited many sources where the workaround for the conversation failed sql error is not entirely accurate.

If you receive this ASP error, it’s probably due to the fact that you are trying to return a list of results where the declared variable in your if statement = a certain interger value. Depending on who designed the table structure and relations in a SQL database, you cannot declare this statement if your data contains symbol(s) such as a comma (which was used to relate your record with other records).

To resolve this issue, simply use the SQL LIKE clause as well as including percentages %variablename% around the variable in cases where the identifier is greater than 2 digits in length (i.e. id=1,3,12,15,233). Now when you execute the sql statement, whatever value is in your variablename (example 15), only records will display that contain the number 15 (exactly 2 digits long). The commas used to seperate your related ID’s will be ignored in this case..

Good luck!

MyWebFace..Are you sure you want to install this??

I found this funny..

So I saw an interesting Facebook advertisement that displayed a web site that will convert your pictures into cartoon images.

Facebook Carton

That does seem pretty cool, however I really do feel bad for those people who decided to actually download their toolbar. Read all of the bonus programs that come along with it! I can imagine all of the pop-ups shortly after installing this program..


What’s up with this weather??

So it has been quite some time since I’ve posted a blog entry.. Sorry about that 😉 Been super busy with work and life.

These days I’ve been getting pretty sick of this rain here in New England. Actually, I can’t really complain much due to the fact that my electricity bill is not as high as last year. Last year we had some really hot days and I would crank the central air to 65-68 degrees. The past couple of months I’ve had the heat and central air off, so I’ve been saving quite a bit of $$$ 🙂 I’ll be taking a cruise at the end of the month to Bermuda (finally nice weather) where I’ll be able to spend all that saved up $$$ on liquor and entertainment.

Anyhow, I’m back and will be posting more often.


Eric Giardina – New Website

Link: http://www.ericgiardina.com
Title: Eric Giardina
Description: This is a personal blog web site for my cousin Eric Giardina, who is currently serving in Iraq. I would like to encourage visitors to please read and post audio/text comments on his web site. Be sure to check out Eric’s music, videos, and pictures!
Established: February 29, 2008

Check out this video – (Eric Giardina – One Last Shot)

Blue Robin Appoints Director of Professional Services

For the past year I’ve been doing internship work for Blue Robin Inc. and ever since the first day, I’ve grown very attached to the company, it’s staff, and the many friendly clients. I am very pleased they offered me a full-time job opportunity upon graduation which I gladly accepted. Below is a recent Press Release sent out by Blue Robin to various news sources:


Waltham , MA — (SBWIRE) — 01/09/2008 — Blue Robin, Inc., a developer of proven and cost-effective eBusiness Infrastructures, today announced that Mr. Jonathan Kingsbury has been appointed the Director of Professional Services of Blue Robin. Jonathan holds a Bachelors Degree in MIS (Management Information Systems) from the University of Massachusetts, Lowell.

In his new position as Director of Professional Services at Blue Robin, Jonathan will play the key role in both customer support and the Blue Robin product development progress. His main responsibilities are to identify and act upon emerging technologies to both improve and streamline the current and future Blue Robin client-centric support initiatives. Jonathan will work with both the Blue Robin CTO and COO to streamline the current support mechanisms and implement and maintain a new infrastructure for both product and server-level support.

“Blue Robin’s growth in diverse industries with a wide range of business intelligence systems requires a client-centric individual with superb technical knowledge. Jonathan is one of the most customer-oriented professionals I have ever known. Jonathan will fill a vital role as we continue to expand the scope of our products and markets. His experience and contributions will be instrumental in Blue Robin’s growth and expansion,” Hadi Shavarini, CEO, Blue Robin.

“This is a great opportunity to join such leading edge company. I am very excited to be a part of Blue Robin’s growth. I plan to keep focused on ensuring all of Blue Robin’s implementation and project launches go smoothly and clients continue to be satisfied, in order to secure the company’s growth and accomplish our mission,” states Jonathan Kingsbury.

About Blue Robin, Inc.
Blue Robin is a leading eBusiness Infrastructure developer located in Waltham, MA. Blue Robin designs, develops, implements, and supports eBusiness infrastructures that combine data, voice, and video, utilizing the latest and the greatest hardware and software technology in diverse operating environments.

Facebook Apps | Completely Unnecessary

Once a great social networking site, now a nuisance. Upon logging into facebook today, this is what appeared on my dashboard under “Requests”

Facebook Apps

I’m not sure if the engineers/developers of facebook are getting the word, but there has been much talk about how facebook is slowing turning into MySpace (social networking disaster of a site) or just a site that was once great user-friendly site, to just an overall mess. I really do hope they get the word that these “3rd party applications” are destroying facebook with complete clutter. Granted the user should be to blame for installing the application, however are the users really aware of the hassle they generate upon installing the application?

I think someone needs to develop an “un-install all apps” application for facebook!!