Here are 2 videos I prepared for WebMedicPro, an electronic patient care application. This video demonstrates the use of the application on a NejAut device. Our company worked with various EMS services to help bring this product to where it is today, fully compliant and easily implemented. I’ll be preparing another video for the web-interface.



vBulletin, IPB, XF and headaches

I’m starting to lose my mind these days, and I’m sure I’m no the only one..

My web site www.defendingthetruth.com started off on phpBB back in 2005 as a college project. The forum has grown quite substantially over the years and I needed another solution to phpBB, it just couldn’t keep up and there were many issues w/ spam. So after observing some of the best forum software out on the web, I decided to go withvBulletin 3. Since my purchase, I was very pleased and my forums continued to grow. The addition of vBseo only benefited the web site w/ more incoming traffic and revenue.

I don’t know if any of you are like me, but for some reason I must have the “latest and greatest” technology and software. When something new comes out, I want it. Now we have VB4, XenForo, InvisionPower 3.1, and many others. I didn’t list the “many others” because honestly, I feel it’s down to the big 3.

Has anyone recently left VB for Invision or XF, or vice-versa? I think I may have to force myself to wait a few more months to see VB’s release of v4.1. If it doesn’t hold up to VB’s expectations, then I think it will be time to move onto XF or Invision..

Read on here…

Resolve IE7 and IE8 Hang Issues

I took some time to research why the IE7 or IE8 browser would hang over some time.. After rebooting my PC, everything worked great until a few hours later, IE8 would hang after trying to load any web page. This usually occurs if I try opening up a new tab in the browser window. I would then close IE8, reopen the browser, and web-pages would load fine (just for now). Then maybe an hour or so later, the browser has difficulty loading web-pages. Constantly I have to close and reopen the browser to resolve the issue.

Things I’ve tried:

  • I cleared the browser histroy/cache
  • disabled all add-ons
  • reset browser settings
  • reinstalled IE8

..nothing worked.

I then turned to AVG and disabled the “Link Scanner”. After doing so, this resolved the issue and pages would no longer have issues loading. So if any of you experience the same problem (which I know there are many), simply disable the link scanner in your anti-virus program. Hopefully this will help.

Please note..Do be careful when you browse the web without link scanner enabled!

A Case Where Your Computer is Smarter Than You!

Just the other day my cousin Mike called and told me to install the new iTunes 8.0. After installing the new iTunes, I played around with a new function called Genius, which is indeed genius!
iTunes GeniusHere are a few observations as to why iTunes genius is smarter than you when it comes to picking songs and arranging them so that they play in a perfectly smooth sequence. I chose a song by David Gilmour, selected Genius, and the application picked the best songs to be played with “Out of the Blue”. From the list, it chose songs from Pink Floyd, Eagles, Jeff Beck, Steely Dan, and many other classics that flow as if it was all songs by the same artist.
iTunes GeniusI then chose some hard metal music “Dimmu Borgir”, and it properly chose Rammstein, Slipknot, Rob Zombie, CKY, and many others that I would have not think to add in a playlist together. The entire playlist ran and every song appeared to be in perfect order, not jumping from track to track that seem so different from one-another..as you may typically notice in self-made playlists..
iTunes GeniusI finally tested some hip hop by choosing “Check Yo Self by Ice Cube”. I’m telling ya, this mix was absolutely perfect as it added some Dr. Dre, Jay-Z, The Game, Rick Ross, and many others which all had similar beats and a smooth transition between each track.
iTunes GeniusI wish I had this for the house-warming party! I could of had some good mixes going, but instead we were stuck in having to hear Mike’s playlist which featured tracks that seemed to be in the wrong order or playlist. 😉

This application is simply genius!

Earth Hour – Short Notice?

Maybe I’m out of touch with the news lately, but has anyone heard of the Earth Hour? This morning I had thought Google changed their home-page to adopt the Blackle idea, however that was not the case. Apparently there is a goal to have as many people as possible turn off their lights from 8:00PM-9:00PM in their local timezone to help raise awareness of worldwide energy conservation. I commend the idea and will do my part to support the awareness, however it may have been a better idea on Google’s part to have this message+countdown on their homepage earlier this week (so more people would be aware). I could be wrong.., but I feel there will be more people who will miss this message as it’s the weekend, not everyone may visit Google on a daily basis, and so on.

Anyhow, I support the idea and I do hope others will take part. When and if most people turn off the lights for 1 hour, I just hope it doesn’t have a significant impact (stress) on the powerplant when suddenly everything comes back on 😉

Windows Vista – Non-system disk or disk error

Today I received a lot of goodies in the mail. A brand new MSI motherboard, AMD Dual Core 3800+ Processor, 250GB SATA Hard Drive, 2GB DDR ram, 256 nVidia 7600 GT graphics card, and a bunch of other stuff. It was time to build a good performing system to replace my old system I built in 2001.

Tonight I did a fresh install of the Windows Vista Business Operating System on the primary 250GB Maxtor Hard Drive. Everything was running smoothly until I encountered another problem with Windows Vista. After shutting down the computer to install my old 160GB PATA Hard Drive (transfer files), Windows Vista would no longer boot. Instead I am left with a nice “Non-system disk or disk error” message. Now you may be asking if I had set the jumper settings correctly, or the boot sequence in BIOS…well of course!

I then figured it would be best to return to the original way I had everything set up, so I removed the old Hard Drive…no luck. So what to do next? I threw in the Windows Vista install CD and selected the “repair” feature after booting off of the CD. The repair feature instantly recognized that the master boot record was damaged, and it fixed the problem accordingly. After a fresh restart, Windows Vista booted fine.

Now I still needed to get my old Application Data files off of the old hard drive, so I reconnected the hard drive to the motherboard and yet again, “Non-system disk or disk error” JUST GREAT! Yet again, I had to throw in the Vista install CD to repair the master boot record, and now my computer boots fine with both hard drives connected.

I have never experienced a problem like this when i was running Windows XP, or the earlier versions of Windows, as I have moved hard drives around in the past. So in conclusion, if you ever need to throw in another hard drive while you are running Windows Vista, you might experience a problem similar to this. Just giving you a heads up.

First Windows Vista problem

I’m not too worried about it, but today I encountered my first Windows Vista problem. About 30 minutes before writing this blog entry, I restarted my computer and suddenly things went wrong. First off, it took about 10 minutes just to get to the login screen. Secondly, I noticed that my screens resolution was a dreaded 800×600, when normally it was 1280×1024.

Right off the bat I had a good idea that something was up with my graphics card. So I went into the Windows Device Manager and guess what…the ATI Radeon 9700 Pro graphics card is experiencing aborted I/O operations because of either a thread exit or an application request. What does that mean?? Well I really have no clue as I have never experienced that type of problem before..

So my best bet would be to uninstall the current drivers for the graphics card, and install the latest drivers from ATI’s web site. However, as I said in the first sentence of this blog entry, I am not too worried about it. The ATI Radeon 9700 Pro is a pretty outdated graphics card, and to my left are three boxes which include a brand new PCI Express graphics card, 430 Watt Power Supply, and a new MSI 915GM Speedster motherboard. Tomorrow I will be throwing all the new parts together along with re-installing the Windows Vista operating system.

Lets hope I do not encounter a problem like that again…